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Observation Reflective Observation Report - 1582 Words

Observations Each morning I wake up at approximately six o’clock and start to get ready. I start to wonder how I am going to represent myself for the day. I have to keep in mind that I am going to a middle school/ high school. Therefore, I decide on how I am going to dress for the day. In order to do that I have to look the part and dress professionally. I also start to think about how my day is going to play out and what I need to prepare myself for. When I arrive at the school on Monday at seven forty-five I sign in and then proceed to meet the teacher I am observing for in the hallway. We walk down to the first classroom which is the social studies room. The classroom has more boys than girls in the classroom. There are about†¦show more content†¦In the resource room for second period where Mrs. T is the teacher and not the aid she lets the students pick which assignment they want to work on so they are ahead for their next class. She will sometimes put on music wh en they do their work, she walks around to help them and answer any questions as well. I would say it is a student-centered setting. In Mr. Backus science class, it is strictly teacher centered he is not flexible what so ever, He wants things done his way and he will sometimes say it over and over till it’s through every student’s head. The teaching philosophy for the history classroom is you must do the study work sheet or make flash cards for the test and the student will get an extra point on the test. The teacher also has the students work with there, â€Å"shoulder partner† which is basically the classmate sitting next to them to help prepare for the test. There is no exact way that Mrs. T has a philosophy in her classroom since it is so student centered. The only thing that could be it is she lets them mostly do what they want. The same goes for Mr. Backus because he doesn’t really make it too enjoyable for the students unless he cracks a joke As I watch each of the students I see how everyone is different and unique in their own way. There are some children who are more laid back, some that think they are a hot shot and then others who tend to put themselves into the craziness. There is a boy in the classroom whoShow MoreRelatedReflective Writing1241 Words   |  5 PagesHow do I . . . Write a Reflection? Why reflective writing? Reflection offers you the opportunity to consider how your personal experiences and observations shape your thinking and your acceptance of new ideas. Professors often ask students to write reading reflections. They do this to encourage you to explore your own ideas about a text, to express your opinion rather than summarise the opinions of others. Reflective writing can help you to improve your analytical skills because it requiresRead MoreMartin Kolb s Theory Of Learning856 Words   |  4 PagesAmerican theorist David Kolb developed his concept of learning in 1984. He created a cycle containing four key stages: Concrete Experience, Reflective Observation, Abstract Conceptualism and Active Experimentation. He believed â€Å"Learning is the process whereby knowledge is create through experience† [Kolb, D. (1984)], therefore accepting that you must learn from your mistakes and progress in order to acquire full understanding of what you are studying. The first stage - ‘Concrete Experience’, is generallyRead MoreHow Conflict Management Tools in Venture Creation Programs Affects Motivation, Learning Experience and Overall Performance in the Venture Team1015 Words   |  4 Pagesin a reflective and reflexive observation journal. This journal has shaped the base of the study. The ground theory has been used to extract most relevant data for the study. About 25 pages of A4 journal entries were evaluated and listed in a theory sensitive manner and all data was coded and divided into different categories. Theoretical framework of this study was shaped according to highlighted categories in this journal. This method has the advantage of covering most important observations basedRead MoreSimulation Of Nursing Education : A Literature Review1712 Words   |  7 Pageslearn through hands on experience integrating critical thinking and adaptation rather than strictly learning based on content delivery as it is often the case in the classroom. (Brown Bostic, 2016). The purpose of this paper is to review and report on how Kolb’s Learning Theory is integrated into simulation education within the field of nursing. Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory Kolb’s experiential learning theory states that experiential learning emphasizes the central role thatRead MoreNational Youth Sports Program Evaluation Paper1269 Words   |  6 Pagesderived from the NYSP program. Type of Evaluation NYSP was evaluated using three methods. These methods included site observation, reflective questions, and pre and post program surveys. Site Observation The observations provided information about how the program was being implemented, what the activities looked like in practice, and how youth were engaged in the activities. Reflective Questions Participants were asked to reflect on their NYSP experiences. The participants answered questions regardingRead MoreNokia 808 Pureview1358 Words   |  6 PagesVIRTUAL UNIVERSITY OF PAKISTAN Format of  Internship Report – (MCMI619) [pic] 1. Title Page The title page of the report will include:    a. Name of the organization b. Name of the internee, Student ID and session c. Submission date of the internship report d. Name of the University e. VU logo 2. Letter of Undertaking You are required to fill in the Letter of Undertaking provided in the ‘Download’ section of the course VULMS and attach here the scanned copy after signingRead MoreInterdisciplinary Early Childhood Education Standard II Rationale for IECE KTS II789 Words   |  3 Pagesoutdoor floor plan for an inclusive environment. The report explains the principles and context for preparation of the learning environment to maximize the opportunities for full inclusion. The second component is a research-based Three-Tiered approach for Addressing Challenging Behavior. It includes strategies to prevent challenging behavior, support social-emotional competencies, and address chronic patterns of misbehavior. I also included a reflective analysis that connects my thoughts and practicesRead MoreReflection: Health Care Assistant805 Words   |  4 PagesREFLECTIVE PRACTICE Reflective assignment 2 Introduction The purpose of this essay is to reflect on my personal role in the inter-professional team and the delivery of healthcare that I have encountered during my duty as a health care assistant in one of the hospitals here in England. In accordance with the NMC (2002) Code of professional conduct, confidentiality shall be maintained and all names have been changed to protect identity. The purpose of reflection as stated by Johns (1995) isRead MoreLab Report1029 Words   |  5 PagesLab report As part of my module Nip1002 I was required to perform a set of observational skills which included; pulse, blood pressure, respirations, hand washing and urinalysis and then compare them to previous results. In this lab report I am going to discuss blood pressure in detail. Procedure * Explain the procedure to the patient and gain consent * Wash hands thoroughly following the hand wash technique to prevent the transfer of bacteria * Clean equipment e.g. blood pressure cuffRead MoreQualitative Research And Its Approaches Essay1173 Words   |  5 PagesAssam. Why: the reason for our study. Why is the study of women traditions important? Why it needs in depth research? How: how to get this data. This basically refers to the sources we might be using to get the data, whether it will be participant observation or interviewing or it can only be based on secondary data. STEP 4: COMPOSING THE INITIAL RESEARCH QUESTION OR HYPOTHESIS After examining the; who, what, when, where, why and how one should compose the initial research question. This research question

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