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Strategic And Long Term Planning - 1068 Words

The goal of strategic and long term planning is to help the companies in building marketing objectives and to create a better vision for the business to build and prosper. An extensive plan should be concrete as well as flexible to serve as a framework to identify issues, evaluate them, plan change of management and implement them. It is also equally prudent to collaborate and gather stakeholders to analyze what is going wrong in the system and move forward into fixing them. The formulation of strategic plan must also show the motives, guidelines, and procedures for the company executives to move along with the company’s goals, objectives, and rules into a collated document. The establishment of a project/plan also needs much research,†¦show more content†¦The initial amount of $200,000 has been collected through shareholders while other remaining amount is to be available from loans through Bank of Aus Ltd. Elleso’s vision: Elleso’s coffee is making the best chance of creating a relaxing ambience place where consumers can meet and greet with themselves in a very comfortable and relaxing environment while enjoying the best brewed coffee or espresso and pastries around the area. We are in the business of giving our customers the best possible service to have a relaxing time and relieve their daily stresses by giving them a piece of mind through great coffee, open location, excellent customer service, and products of consistently high quality. Elleso coffee is also planning to invest the profits from sales to drive staff satisfaction. Key performance indicators (KPI) The main critical success factors for the coffee shop can be attributed to store design/ environment that are set up to be visually and psychologically attractive and relaxing to the customers. It is also set up for quick and efficient business. The other important factor is the employee training to insure there is best coffee taste and they are prepared with great mechanics. The other marketing way is aimed to make a good foundation of base of loyal people, as well as capitalizing on the market by providing high quality products, such as variety in the coffee beverages. Organizational mission/objectives:Show MoreRelatedStrategic Planning : Strategic And Tactical Planning874 Words   |  4 Pagesgoals is through planning. Every plan needs to operate like a map to success. Strategic and tactical planning, when used correctly, represent planning models that can lead companies forward toward the vision of their leaders, and the attainment of the goals those leaders have developed. Strategic and tactical planning work together. Strategic planning focuses on the big picture, and tactical planning supports that big picture by focusing on various items within it. Strategic Planning Once a leaderRead MoreThe Quaker Oats Company1380 Words   |  6 PagesEXECUTIVE SUMMARY A strategic plan has financial and other implications over the next several years of implementing the company strategies. And strategies come in different forms and magnitudes. Since strategic plans covers a relatively long range of period, difficulties in maintaining the organization’s effort to keeping the strategic plan arise. The Quaker Oats Company began long range planning in fiscal 1965. The plans created that year and annually thereafter were primarily numbers-orientedRead MoreStrategic Planning : Strategic And Operational Planning889 Words   |  4 Pagesspecific plans. The two major types of planning used by organizations to achieve goals are strategic and operational planning. Goal setting is imperative to organizational growth, but without planning those goals may not be attainable. Top-level managers, as well as frontline lower level managers must work together if they want their organization to succeed. As stated by Cascella, (2002) â€Å"most business leaders recognize the importance of strategic planning, but few succeed in translating their strategiesRead MoreImportance Of Strategic Planning Essay1196 Words   |  5 PagesImportance of Strategic Planning Strategic planning has a focus on stabilizing the current environment, and it also support the organizations business plans and goals. Strategic planning helps to implement new projects, new technology, consolidation of data centers, data warehouses, exponential data growth, cost of ownership, and resources available in an organization to assess the future requirements. Strategic planning analyzes the business plan, potential blockage or other issues in the currentRead MoreImportance of Strategic Planning1247 Words   |  5 PagesImportance of Strategic Planning Strategic planning has a focus on stabilizing the current environment, and it also support the organization s business plans and goals. Strategic planning helps to implement new projects, new technology, consolidation of data centers, data warehouses, exponential data growth, cost of ownership, and resources available in an organization to assess the future requirements. Strategic planning analyzes the business plan, potential blockage or other issues in the currentRead MoreStrategic Planning And Operational Planning903 Words   |  4 PagesIn business planning there are two types of plans to consider. Strategic planning and operational planning. The first being a long term plan establishing goals for the organization and the later a series of short term goals that are set in an effort to accomplish the long term strategies previously laid out. Strategic planning is a tool best used by management when creating an overall vision of the organization. Managers build and organize strategic planning when there is a need to spell out theRead MoreStrategies in Planning1044 Words   |  5 PagesQuelitano BSIE III-2 Topic: Strategies in Planning I. Introduction: Strategic planning is an organization s process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy. In order to determine the direction of the organization, it is necessary to understand its current position and the possible avenues through which it can pursue a particular course of action. Generally, strategic planning deals with at least one of three key questions:Read MoreStrategic Planning Within Ge927 Words   |  4 PagesThe strategic planning process is the formulation of the company’s major objectives and execution plans. This process is of particular interest in GE. Strategy formulation is the process of choosing the best methods for a company where customer needs; competitive position and internal capability are the three factors that play the main role in strategic planning. Every manager needs to have at least a simple notion of strategic planning to formulate his strategic plans. Strategic Planning is a wideRead MoreLeadership Strategies For A Leader1116 Words   |  5 Pages There are two different types of planning that can be used in the process of setting goals. They are similar in the sense that they both align and unify efforts. However, they are quite different in their scope of influence and they are utilized at different times during the process. Strategic planning is the first type. It is very broad in its scope and focuses on the long term direction of the entire organization (Simerson, 2011, p. 3). This type of planning may include outlines for 15 to 20 yearsRead MoreThe Need For Planning. Every Company Has Some Sort Of Goal910 Words   |  4 PagesNeed for Planning Every company has some sort of goal or target that want to accomplish. In order to accomplish them, they most plan. When planning make sure facts are being gathered so that the approach is based on reality and not fantasy. What a lot of people don’t’ realize is that without planning, companies have no direction and aren’t able to bring about results as planned. So for organizations to accomplish their objectives, they must chart out a course of action by using planning techniques

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Enhancing Drugs And Its Impact On Academic Integrity...

Finally, students who use unprescribed Adderall have an unfair advantage over others and should be put into effect into academic integrity statements at colleges. In sports the use of performance-enhancing drugs is considered cheating and is a universally accepted rule. The Tour de France is a bicycle race that tests bikers’ abilities to bike around France without any outside help. Lance Armstrong was stripped of his seven titles of the Tour de France when he admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs. Similar reasoning should be applied to using neuro-enhancing drugs illicitly in college. The illicit use of Adderall has a negative affect not only on the user, but the academic community that they are in. A student who does not use Adderall may not gain admission into college because there are a finite amount of spaces and a user of unprescribed Adderall got in (Varga, 2012). Abusers of Adderall can also skew the percentages of â€Å"the ranking system of some standardized tests (e.g., LSAT)† (Varga, 2012). The increase in standards puts many students at a disadvantage who do not participate in the illegal use of Adderall. The higher standards and expectations are for students the more students are put at a disadvantage. Higher expectations put students under more and more pressure, which could lead them to feel as though they need Adderall to keep up. Many individuals who are personally prescribed Adderall consider taking the drug without a prescription as cheating since theyShow MoreRelated Drug Testing is Not a Violation of Individual Rights Essay2669 Words   |  11 Pagesmillions of dollars due to employee drug use. Athletes break world records with gargantuan strength, but not on a fair scale. Drugs ruin the lives of users and cause injury to those who must work with users. Detection by officials is necessary to curb this problem. When does the safety for others violate the rights of drug users? Drug testing, whether in the workplace o r on the athletic field, is not a violation of civil rights. In 1988, the National Institute on Drug Abuse estimated that 12 percentRead Moreentrepreneurship2937 Words   |  12 PagesThe penalties associated with plagiarism are designed to impose sanctions on offenders that reflect the seriousness of the Universitys commitment to academic integrity. I declare that all material in this assessment is my own work except where there is a clear acknowledgement and reference to the work of others. I have read the Universitys Academic and Scientific Misconduct Policy and understand its implications.* MoreMerck Case Study Essay6943 Words   |  28 Pages cash flow statements, and income statements. Historical information including any past issues with drug recalls, lawsuits, management miscalculations, executive vision, or other issues will be examined. Proposed upgrades, solutions, and corporate direction will be offered; and a plan to fuse the existing business plan with a revised, more current business plan will be paramount. Key Findings Willingness to innovate. The willingness to innovate in order to offset an empty drug pipeline provesRead MoreStatement of Purpose23848 Words   |  96 PagesPromoting1955 as a hallmark of liberal arts education writing Writing Guidelines Statements of Purpose From the OWU Writing Center in the Sagan Academic Resource Center The OWU Writing Center Corns 316 ââ€" ª (740-368-3925) ââ€" ª ââ€" ª open Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Ohio Wesleyan University Writing Center  © 2011 Writing Guidelines for Statements of Purpose Contents Writing Your Statement of Purpose ..................................................................Read MoreThe Leadership Qualities Of A Athletic Administrator4669 Words   |  19 Pagesand athletic director in the daily tasks of the athletic office. These tasks included but are not limited to: scheduling competitions and officials, preparing contracts for athletic competition, transportation to and from away competition, check academic eligibility of each student-athlete, liaison between athletic office and other schools, parents, officials, etc., assist with student-athlete clearances, payroll for athletic personnel, and any other duties assigned by the athletic director. AllRead MoreA Study on Enhanced Employee Performance Through Soft Skills20707 Words   |  83 PagesVs. Soft Skills 78 4.10 How much Time One Would Spend On Soft Skills Training in a week 79 4.11 Hindrances Faced at Work 80 4.12 Performance Enhancement Due To Soft Skills Training 81 4.13 Will Role Specific Soft Skills Training Have A Better Impact On Your Work 82 4.14 Should Soft Skills Training Be Mandatory 83 4.15 Methods to identify developmental areas in individual performance 84 4.16 Fees For Soft Skills Training 85 4.17 Minimum Term To Be Served Clause, Justifiable Post TrainingRead MorePsy Evaluation Essay11057 Words   |  45 Pagesof the: A. body only. B. mind only. C. soul only. D. body, mind, and soul ANS:D PG12 10.. The third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer is A. illicit drug use B. head injuries C. asthma D. alcohol misuse ANS:D PG17 11. According to the text, the following behaviors can become addictive except for: A. drug/alcohol use. B. eating. C. shopping. D. studying. ANS:D PG19 12. A concept that is stressed in the text for its explanatory value is A.. interactionism B.. dichotomizationRead MoreEducation response Essay example43180 Words   |  173 Pages Four private schools and one college get more of their students into Oxbridge than the combined efforts of 2,000 state schools and colleges. So there is a long way to go. Worse still, the progress of recent years is now at risk. widen access to ensure greater diversity in their student populations. Those on the equity side of the argument conclude that progress can only be made if universities take account of broader social factors, alongside academic attainment, in determining whoRead MoreLee Kuan Yew - Singapore Prime Minister6837 Words   |  28 PagesCrown of Johore First Class (1984), the Order of Great Leader (1988) and the Order of the Rising Sun (1967). †¢ The highest honor of Honorary Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (1988), and Man for Peace (1990). †¢ The Ig Nobel Prize in 1994. †¢ In 2002, was formally admitted to the Fellowship of Imperial College London in recognition of his promotion of international trade and industry, and development of science and engineering study initiatives with the UK. †¢ In 2006, wasRead More65 Successful Harvard Business School Application Essays 2nd Edition 147256 Words   |  190 Pagesbut there are no foolproofprescriptions, shorts cuts, or magic formulas. There are probably as many perfect application essays as there are applicants. The chosen essays highlight ordinary applicants who have dem.... onstrated potential, vision, integrity, and leadership. While the MBA applicant pool can often swarm with people with business backgrounds, we are positive that this book will also inspire nontradi.... tional applicants because they will realize that there is no such thing as a standard

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Reflection Paper on Anthem (by Ayn Rand) Free Essays

string(100) " reflect on how not all people are alike \(which was the point of the whole story: Individualism\)\." University of the Philippines Diliman Extension Program in Pampanga Clark Freeport Zone, Angeles City, Pampanga Reflection Paper Anthem by: Ayn Rand Jemima Micah T. Sadsad 2012-20252 BS Business Management Submitted to: Sir Aoux Santos It’s a sin to not write this. For finishing this will allow me to acquire one fourth of my grade on the most-anticipated subject—A subject that is hard, yet easy; A subject able to be both loved and despised; A subject whose aim is to know thy self, yet, when thoroughly studied, you would end up losing what you think is yours. We will write a custom essay sample on Reflection Paper on Anthem (by Ayn Rand) or any similar topic only for you Order Now This subject I am babbling about is not just a subject; It is the subject: Philosophy. ~ Well, at first look, this is how I comprehended the novella â€Å"Anthem†. Simple message relayed through tough words, when really that’s not the point of it. Anthem is about a boy who was born with the curse of knowing things more superior than most of his society—a society that does not accept progress unless approved by everyone. This boy then meets a girl with qualities like her, and later falls in love with her. Even though their society forbids a love like theirs, they didn’t mind and kept it a secret. He tried to help their society through his discoveries, though ended up escaping it, and trying to create a new one of his own. It has a typical story line with a dystopian theme. Aside from that there’s nothing really more from it. Or is there? *** *** Having read the book again (while trying hard to read between the lines; picking up every lesson I could make use of), I have reflected on a few new things which I did not find during my first read. I have reflected on individuals present in the story and how they relate to me, the society howed in â€Å"Anthem† and how it could be reflected to my country, and my general motion and conclusion on what the story is all about. One very prominent element that I could reflect on are the main characters in the story. The main characters present in the story are Equality 7-2521 and Liberty 5-3000. Equality 7-2521 (also known as â€Å"The Unconquered† or â€Å"Prometheus†) – The main character is a brave, cu rious, strong, and intelligent street sweeper who thinks of himself as cursed. He knows that he is cursed, yet knows not how to resist it. He believes in individualism and rejects the collectivist society around him. Learning was too easy for him because of his quick head. He asks too many questions that his teachers forbade him from asking. â€Å"He only wishes to know. Equality 7-2521 represents the superiority of a singular intellect to the homogeneity of the masses, who cannot think for themselves—the society of shapeless people who are indistinguishable from one another. At first read, I thought to myself, he (Equality) is too self-centered, thinking that he is far superior than his society, and that his only flaw is the society’s disapproval of him. Also, I don’t like how he came up with his conclusion of his ego being the center of his universe (though, I’m not saying that the conclusion is wrong). It’s just so unthinkable how without knowing what the word â€Å"I† really means, he suddenly knows what it is and how to use it. On the other hand, I like how his curiosity always gets the better of him. I like how he is eager to know and discover things even though he knows that it is forbidden to do so. I love how Equality 7-2521 takes risks to justify his thirst of knowing more. These character traits of Equality 702521 made me reflect more on the adventures of learning, rather than the concept of individualism. I like how his quest full of myriad mischief turned out to be an amazing discovery of the light bulb (which for me symbolizes progress and/or change). I love how he soon realizes that his learning is not really for the society, but rather for him and him alone. One thing I also admire about Equality 7-2521 is his love for Liberty 5-3000, that even though it is forbidden, they still chose to continue their love. Selfish indeed, but selfishness is not always a bad thing. Another main character on the book that I have reflected on is Liberty 5-3000 (also known as â€Å"The Golden One† or â€Å"Gaea†) – This character is a peasant that has eyes with no signs of fear in it, whom Equality 7-25521 falls in love with. She is Beautiful, proud, and strong like Equality 7-2521. She loves Equality 7-2521 because he is different from everyone around him. And Equality 7-2521 loves her back for the same reason. For me, Liberty 5-3000 is a little bit too submissive. Her mix of independent pride and devoted submission to Equality 7-2521 seems contradictory. Prometheus’ universe may have his own ego as its center, but for Liberty 5-3000? I don’t think so. Liberty 5-3000’s character is a perfect counter-example of Ayn Rand’s main thought of: â€Å"I is my god†. Gaea is more of a: â€Å"Equality 7-2521 is my god†. (Liberty 5300 to Equality 7-2521: â€Å"Your will be done†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ). Although I hate how she submits herself too much to Equality 7-2521, I like her for standing out of the crowd. I like how fierce she can be trying to put what she loves first before what others dictate her to. I also like her show of courage by following the one she loves even though it might place her in great danger. However, I think the author somehow just took a shot of presenting a true epitome of a perfect woman with great courage and confidence, but only with the weakness of her beloved. Unfortunately, Ayn Rand failed trying, for instead she just created a weak and submissive leading lady. Gaea apparently became just an object of Prometheus’ with no say on things at all. These two main characters made me reflect on how not all people are alike (which was the point of the whole story: Individualism). You read "Reflection Paper on Anthem (by Ayn Rand)" in category "Papers" Not everyone is as strong or as smart as Prometheus. Neither are they all of beauty and devotion as Liberty 5-3000. The story also made me reflect on the concept of solitude, and how not all people find happiness in solitude. In fact, even in the story itself, Equality 7-2521 is not alone, for he finds happiness in the presence of Liberty 5-3000. Absolute solitude is inconceivable. Different people have different purposes. They might find their purposes with others, or they might find their purposes of for themselves alone. And even if they find their purposes for themselves, still, it will influence their society, because one cannot live without another. No man is an island. As for me, I find happiness in having loved ones beside me; I’m not saying that I let them think for me though. I am currently a conformist and non-conformist. I am a conformist in that I conform to my God and with His teachings. A non-conformist in that, like Liberty, I submit myself to my beliefs and resist things of its opposite (although at times, they may overlap with each other). I conform to my God, and so try not to conform to the world. I conform to my government, yet reject on them trying to take over me. I succumb to, yet I resist. Also, I could consider myself to have hints of Equality 7-2521 in my personality. I love learning as much as I love taking risks. I remember the story of my 4 yr old self. My mom used to tell this story every time she remembers it and every single time we would laugh at it. So here’s how it goes: It was an ordinary day, we were travelling by a car. My mom was driving and her sister (my aunt) was in the front seat. I, my 2 sisters, and my cousin were at the back seat. I was the closest to the door handle, and that was when the inner curiosity of me sparked! â€Å"Now, what is this thing for? † and voila, I was playing with the car door handle and suddenly I found myself rolling on the ground of an uphill highway. While the action was happening, my mom and aunt were also caught in an intense activity: Gossiping. Yup, they were there chit-chatting while I was outside, rip rolling. Since my two sisters and my cousin saw my fall, they panicked and then started shouting, â€Å"Ma! Si Ima, nahulog! †, but since my mom’s activity was more interesting than mine, they had to shut the kids up, â€Å"Kids, quiet! †. Then my sisters started crying. That’s when my mom and aunt started to notice my absence. And at last, they panicked too. They went chasing for me, trying to save me from the rushing cars. But wait! They forgot to turn on the brakes! Oh no, our car is sliding down the hill! What to do? Oh my— ~ Well, I’m here now so you know I was saved. It was a very long day, indeed. One day my mom would never ever forget. But hey, I learned. (I now know what that ‘thing’ is for! And I now know when to and when not to use those car locks, thank you. ) Anyway, I find myself having a little bit of Equality 7-2521 also because I often find pride in things I know I have done well in. Passing the UPCAT is one of the perfect examples. Having my family congratulate me, I find pride in myself. I know that I have done well, and I know that I could do more, and so the learning continues. Moving on from the main characters, another prominent concept in the novella was the society. The society presented on Anthem is so wrong. The people there are under so much fear and are dehumanized. Their society promotes absolute collectivism where they are all one and one is all. They accept few, if not none at all, changes. Everyone is of equal importance as everyone. Freedom of speech is cut off. Men can’t speak to women, they were not able to show their emotions to them, and they can’t even have houses of their own! Though it could be classified as a utopian society on other perspectives, description from Equality 7-2521 made it totally a dystopian society. â€Å"We are nothing. Mankind is all. By the grace of our brothers are we allowed our lives. We exist through, by, and for our brothers who are the state. Amen. † –Palace of the World Council Their society reminded me of how North Korea is today. Although I may not know what their actual situation is at the moment, description from the media around the world truly rings the bell. It brings fear deep down my bones. Society of no social stratification, no freedom of speech, everything and nothing is owned by everyone and no one. A society completely isolated from the rest of the world, North Korea could well focus on itself and not worry on how other countries are doing, and since they focus on themselves, no one would be left starving, everybody will be of equal rights with everyone. I think this is what North Korea claims itself to be though I’m pretty sure ‘country without social stratification’ is pretty far from what they are now. The government and society in Anthem also made me think of the government and the society of our own country. As for the Philippines, I don’t think the concept of Anthem’s society might be applicable because of the fact that freedom of speech is already presented and is of practice today in the Philippines. Also, the presence of a free and nationwide media in our country made it more liberal than that of Anthem’s. The fact that Philippines is a democracy, too, can be of great evidence that our country is not with the like of that of Anthem’s. Everyone of the right mind is free to vote and free to speak. Take this reflection paper for example; I have every right to say what I want to, though I know I would suffer the consequences of my actions. Everyone is allowed to think otherwise. Everyone has the right to choose for themselves what their â€Å"rights† and â€Å"wrongs† are. Men are allowed to merry another and have kids of their own. Families are able to build houses they can live in and start a new life. Filipinos, along with other people of other countries, could study whenever they want to and work whenever as long as time and money permits. They have the free will of choosing their school, acquiring their jobs, and retiring after they do. Everyone is allowed to choose their religion. Everyone is allowed to love without being asked why. Chickens could cross the street without their motives being questioned. However, I may not completely forget the fact that, somehow, there might be some resemblances from Anthem’s society with the Philippines’. â€Å"The Home of the Useless†, â€Å"The Palace of Corrective Detention†, â€Å"The Palace of Mating†, â€Å"The Home of the Students†Ã¢â‚¬â€ All of which symbolizes branches of our system, though might be different in intensity than Anthem’s. Also, the home of the scholars could be of comparison with our senate system. We could be compared to them in terms of progress and how slow our system could be. Although I know that we are still on the verge of growing and improving more, I have not lost my hopes for the Philippines. As for whether or not this society is possible on earth in the future, I don’t think so. I don’t think such absolute collectivism/communism is possible to be achieved. I believe that in achieving this society, first we’ll be in need of restarting; restarting everything from Adam and Eve. No one should know anything. Every book must be burned and every data on the internet must be erased. The whole world should go back to zero, or else absolute collectivism (like with the story Anthem) would be inconceivable. ———————————————— ————————————————- Anthem, in general, taught me how collectivism could be of destruction to a soci ety. I reflected on few things about concepts such as collectivism, individualism, finding your true self, and finding your true purpose. I have made use of my new learnings about these things, and I know that would use them at one point in my life where I could be searching for answers on whether or not, why or why nots. These concepts could be of new references that I know I could consider whenever I am learning. ———————————————— ————————————————- I have a general feel of gloom and depression through-out the story. With how Equality 7-2521 dictates his society to us, I felt sorry for him and also for the society. In a nutshell, I liked the story. I enjoyed it and have reflected a lot of things from it. Although, what I did not like about the book was not the st ory but the author’s philosophy itself. By the end of the novella, Equality 7-2521 and Liberty 5-3000 have run away from their society to discover their own truth and start a new society of their own. This truth leads to self-worshipping and calling themselves gods, and further stating that they have no obligation to other men. I have to strongly disagree with this idea. I am sorry to say Ayn Rand started with a great idea of individualism and ended in a train wreck of selfish isolation. *I would like to recommend this book to anyone who would want to reflect and re-evaluate their existences on certain aspects. This book presented a different outlook of the concept â€Å"I†, which you could reflect on greatly. Though, I’m not saying that this is the best book possible, it is still worth the read. How to cite Reflection Paper on Anthem (by Ayn Rand), Papers

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Responses To Overcoming Resistance To Change-Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Organizational Culture And Responses To Overcoming Resistance To Change? Answer: Introducation Organizational culture comprises an organization's assumptions, experiences, thoughts, and values that grasp it jointly, and is conveyed in its self-esteem, internal workings, companionship with the external world and succeeding expectations (Alvesson Sveningsson, 2015). It is established on the split attitudes, opinions, customs, and recorded and unrecorded regulations that have been evolved over time and are contemplate valid.However, it influences the organization's work rate and performance, and dispenses recommendation on customer care and assistance, quality of the product and protection, presence and punctuality, and responsibility for the environment (Alvesson, 2012). To banish the resistance to change in an organization one can construct the team to make the best use of their potentials, challenging, achievable and appealing target must be must for the employees, conflicts must be solved faster, innovations and creativity must be entitled along with being positive and supportive. This report deals with the literature review of the chosen topic Organizational culture and responses to overcoming resistance to change. The appeal for the theory of Organizational Culture has been far, developing by a theory of heuristic. In an example, it has formulated exploration inspecting Muslim employees by Alkhazraji (1997), law imposition officers by Frewin and Tuffin (1998), and pregnant workers by Halpert and Burg (1997). Yet more pertinent is in leading education, the theories have been utilized to investigate the tales of undergraduate students and their insights of "fitting in" at a university or college done by Kramer and Berman (2001). The attitude is also functional as much of the guidance from the theory like the symbols, stories, and rituals has straight relevance to numerous dissimilar kinds of organizations and their workers. Since the theoretician work is built on actual organizations with authentic workers, the researcher worker have frame the hypothesis further functional and empirical. Finally, the theory of Organizational Culture might vision organizational existence as over distinctive. Paca nowsky and O'Donnell-Trujillo assert that cultures in an organization vary as the interactions inside the cultures diverge, so generality about existence in an organization, which is almost unmanageable (Shafritz, Ott Jang, 2015). The change in organizational structure and culture is unavoidable because of the continual development in the technology, customers, market, pressures from both social and political forums as well as the characteristics of the demography. Resistance to change is a psychological and physiological response by the influenced workers to authentic or imagined dangers to an accepted work routine (Cummings Worley, 2014).Various researches have been done on this particular area of Organizational culture and responses to overcoming resistance to change. However, few are discussed in this section. In a research article by Lozano(2013), the article named Are Companies planning their Organizational Changes for Corporate Sustainability? An Analysis of Three Case Studies on Resistance to Change and their Strategies to overcome it, he stated here that corporations and leaders are growingly acknowledgingtheir roles in building society further sustainable. His article examines the efforts of organizational change for corporate sustainability (CS) taking three case studies. In the result, it was established that CS operator catalyze alter against being the unsustainable status quo (SQ) regarding further sustainable affairs. Obstacle to adjust normally checks these attempts. In another article of Hon, Bloom and Crant (2014), named Overcoming Resistance to Change and Enhancing Creative Performance, in the study the researcher tried to grow and experiment a cross level model of independent creativity, combining resistance to change and three human resource surrounding components to abate the relationships of the individuals. The researcher studies the capabilities of three discourse components that are essential parts of the procedure of creativity, they are styles of leadership, modernity climate, and the coworkers attributes for assisting managers conquer this dispute. The outcome suggests those three surrounding variables decrease the contrary relationship betwixt resistance to change and creativity. The marking of the outcome signify that controlling the human resource applications may alleviate damaging results of resistance to change on creativity. Battilana and Casciaro (2013), in their study named Overcoming Resistance to Organizational Change: Strong Ties and Affective Cooptation the researcher puts an emphasis on relational hypothesis of how altered agents in a company utilize the power of ties in there system to beat the resistance to change. It further argued that powerful binds of potentially authoritative company members who are uncertain about a change.With additional different modifies the benefits of powerful bind to resistors resulting to the modification agent are feeble, and may revolve into responsibilities that lessen the probability of change in assumption. The data analysis from the case studies in the United Kingdom further encourages these forecasts and precedes a relative outlook of organizational change in which social networking function as device of political impact across emotive mechanism. In a journal of Organizational change management, the article named A theoretical framework of Organizational change by Jacobs, Witteloostuijn and Christe-Zeyse(2013). They proposed that organizational change is a high-risk attempt. Majority of the change capabilities fall short on their aims, make big opportunity, and technique cost. In this paper, the authors viewed to evolve a structure providing a theoretical toolbox to examine context-dependent obstacles as well as facilitators of modifications in organization. Findings of this study further suggest that change in organization is dangerous and versatile than change founders generally assumes. It is emphasized that outermost habitat and the inner dynamics of organizations co-determine the definition of managerial executions. Organizational culture, innovation, and performance: A test of Schein's model by Hogan and Coote(2014), stated that innovation is the essential for survival in organization and hence the research of procedures that help innovation must be interesting to researchers and practitioners. Schein's model of multi-layeredfor culture in organization provides a useful structure for reasoning about procedures that encourage innovation. The fundamental supposition for this research is that Schein's model provides a controllable clarification of cultural procedures, which brace innovations in organization, mainly in service business. The result however signifies that how coatings of organizational culture, especially norms, relics, and original conducts, partly arbitrate the results of ethics that assist innovation on assessment of business performance. The results have suggestions for both theory and practice, mostly in association to constructing an organizational culture inside professional s ervice business that encourages novel conduct. Mills(2017), in studying the Gendering of Organizational Culture over Time: Concerns, Issues, and Strategies emphasized on the issues of scrutinizing the culture of organizations by the time, starting a manifestation of how the social establishment of corporate history has till today added itself to gendered beliefs of applications in the business. This research further contours a feminist policy for the evaluation of the culture of the organization. In another article named Authentic leadership and organizational culture as drivers of employees job satisfaction by Azanza, Moriano and Molero(2013), stated that in recent times of competitive economy a great value is provided by the support and innovation from the advancement of a pliability oriented organizational culture. The result of this study stated that genuine leadership partly arbitrates the favorable relationship among the pliability-oriented cultures in organizations and job satisfaction of the employees. These results promo te theory on the combination of cultures in organizations in genuine leadership research and supply suggestions for improvising the job satisfaction of the employees. Lastly, according to the study of Courpasson, Dany and Clegg (2012), in their article Resisters at Work: Generating Productive Resistance in the Workplace acknowledged the transformative aspects of resistance in the organization. Further resistance is however viewed as an adversarial and hostile activity that administration can undertake or dismiss. Thus, apprehending how resistance can literally effect workplace alterations can stay challenging for research. This paper offers an inspection of two conditions of resistance in which resisters, systematized in interim enclaves, able to effect top administrative decisions and create ultimate change. Whether resistance becomes fruitful or not it rely on the skilled efforts of resisters and the formation of strong objects of resistance which authorize resisters to adapt shortly the potential layout of a condition and constrain topmost management to attend to their requests and indulge to the recent layouts. It further states that resistanc e could better described by what resisters does to attain their ends preferably than by perceiving resistance as a firm opposition linking irreconcilable adversaries. To conclude the essay it can be said that organizational culture is mainly the assumptions, beliefs, thoughts, and values that are jointly griped, and is transported in its self-confidence, inner workings and its relation with the external world and succeeding expectations. However, it enhances the productivity and performance of the employees.Due to the continuous developments, changes in organizational structure and culture is becoming unavoidable. The chosen topic is Organizational culture and responses to overcoming resistance to change have various different researches among which few are stated here as reviewing the literature. The majority of the works are found based on the resistance of change in different organizational cultures and few about the effects that the cultures in organizations are facing. The theory of organizational culture states that it is developing in a theory of heuristics. This organizational culture has a powerful effect on the staffs of the company, whi ch reflects on how they dress, behave and perform their tasks. References Alvesson, M. (2012).Understanding organizational culture.Sage. Alvesson, M., Sveningsson, S. (2015).Changing organizational culture: Cultural change work in progress.Routledge. Azanza, G., Moriano, J. A., Molero, F. (2013). Authentic leadership and organizational culture as drivers of employees job satisfaction.Revista de PsicologadelTrabajo y de lasOrganizaciones,29(2), 45-50. Battilana, J., Casciaro, T. (2013).Overcoming resistance to organizational change: Strong ties and affective cooptation.Management Science,59(4), 819-836. Courpasson, D., Dany, F., Clegg, S. (2012). Resisters at work: Generating productive resistance in the workplace.Organization Science,23(3), 801-819. Cummings, T. G., Worley, C. G. (2014).Organization development and change.Cengage learning. Hogan, S. J., Coote, L. V. (2014).Organizational culture, innovation, and performance: A test of Schein's model.Journal of Business Research,67(8), 1609-1621. Hon, A. H., Bloom, M., Crant, J. M. (2014). Overcoming resistance to change and enhancing creative performance.Journal of Management,40(3), 919-941. Jacobs, G., van Witteloostuijn, A., Christe-Zeyse, J. (2013).A theoretical framework of organizational change.Journal of Organizational Change Management,26(5), 772-792. Lozano, R. (2013). Are companies planning their organisational changes for corporate sustainability? An analysis of three case studies on resistance to change and their strategies to overcome it.Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management,20(5), 275-295. Mills, A. J. (2017). Studying the Gendering of Organizational Culture over Time: Concerns, Issues, and Strategies?.InInsights and Research on the Study of Gender and Intersectionality in International Airline Cultures(pp. 71-91). Emerald Publishing Limited. Shafritz, J. M., Ott, J. S., Jang, Y. S. (2015).Classics of organization theory.Cengage Learning.

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The Indian In The Cupboard Essays - Films, , Term Papers

The Indian In The Cupboard The Indian in the Cupboard For this months book report I read a book called The Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks. This book was about a boy named Omri and his small Indian toy. For Omris birthday he received a small Indian toy from a friend and a small cupboard from his brother. Omri put his Indian in the cupboard and to his surprise when he opened the cupboard the Indian toy had come to life. Omri has to keep his Indian a secret for fear of an adult finding out. When Omri told his friend Patrick about the toy, Patrick wanted his own. Omri thought it was a bad idea but brought the toy to life anyway. When Omri brought Patricks cowboy toy to life, Patrick was very excited, but Omri was afraid he didnt know that they were real people. Omri decided he would keep them both at his house. Patrick did not like this idea but agreed only if Omri would bring the cowboy and Indian to school the next day. Then all the trouble started. Patrick and Omri were called into the headmasters office and the headmaster threatened to call Patricks father if he didnt tell him what was going on. Patrick was so afraid that he showed the headmaster the Indian and the other toy. Luckily the headmaster thought he was seeing things and so he went home. Omri decided that the Indian was too much trouble and that he should put them into plastic again. So Omri locked the Indian into the cupboard and when he opened it again, the toy was plastic again. I thought this book had a very nice plot. The book was very interesting and exciting due to the fictitious plot. I think that a story about something that could never happen in real life always is more interesting and attracts more readers. The author described things well in this book, but this book was a bit easy to read because she didnt use difficult words. This sometimes would not allow for you to know exactly how she meant for things to appear. The setting of this story is in modern day England. The book did not really describe what time period it was supposed to be, but it seemed relatively modern. I think the book was set in a moderately sized town, because Omri walked to school everyday, and if it were a big city this would be an impossible task for a young boy. The setting wasnt very important to the book because most of the story was about people and not necessarily their environment. There were many characters in this book. The main character in this book was Omri. Omri was a normal young boy who was interested in playing cowboys and Indians, and other games like that. His friend, Patrick, was interested in the same things, but Patrick wasnt as nice and he was a bit bossy and pushy. He forced Omri into making a live toy for him. Omri had a brother named Adiel. Adiel didnt like Omri that much and one time in the story he hid Omris cupboard because he thought Omri had taken his football shorts. Another character in this book was the headmaster. The headmaster was a very strict person, but he wasnt unkind. The author didnt describe the characters well enough, which made it hard to understand the characters personality, but I think that you could assume what a character was like by the way they were acting. I could relate to how Omri felt when he had his friend pressuring him into doing something he didnt want to do. The author described the characters feelings very well. I think that the main conflict in this book was Omri trying to keep this Indian a secret. I think this because during the book it was always Omris main goal; it was one reason why Omri didnt want to make a live toy for Patrick. In the end, Omri kept the Indian a secret, but he ended up giving up because he locked the Indian back in the cupboard and made him plastic again. This was a good book, but it wouldve been

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Thailand in the 15th-18th cent essays

Thailand in the 15th-18th cent essays Thailand has historically been a strong, proud nation. The people of Thailand have never gone hungry due to their vast food sources. Their military proved to be one of the best in the area. The country was set in a great location, allowing large ports for international trade and large agricultural areas on the interior. Thailand was a vast nation that went through rough times, but always seemed to pull themselves up. At the end of the 14th century Ayutthaya was the strongest power in South East Asia, although it lacked the manpower necessary to dominate the region. The armies repeatedly tried to sack Angkor, but were constantly extinguished. Thai was not a single state, but one made up of many Mandela communities owing allegiance to the Ayutthayan king. Often, members of the royal family, or a wealthy elder of the community itself ran these communities. In Ayutthayan society the basic home unit was composed of extended family households. The title to the land resided with the headsman, the head of the household, which held the land although it was in the communitys name. The peasant could use this land freely as long as he was cultivating it. The kings needed to be constantly aware of the princes so that they did not join up and try to usurp the throne. During the 15th centuries much of Ayutthayas power was directed toward the great port of Malacca, on the Malay Peninsula. Although they failed in making Malacca a vassal state, Ayutthaya continued to control the lucrative trade on the Isthmus. The trade then attracted Chinese traders who brought specialty goods from the Chinese markets. Thailand had a unique way of getting labor. It was known as corvee labor or the heaviest tax upon the people. Corvee labor was any free man, or all adult men who where not royalty, nobles, priests or slaves. Corvee laborers were required to give three months of free services to the government...

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Motivation, values and involvement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Motivation, values and involvement - Essay Example Motivation is a complex phenomenon. In direct relation to consumer behaviour, it refers to the facts which incite consumers to behave in a certain way, as in, all these being equal, to repeatedly purchase one brand instead of another. Generally speaking, motivation is a response to latent or overt biological or learned need. Indeed, products have the potential to address overt needs, or awaken latent ones and, in so doing, create a sense of want which can only be satisfied through the purchase of the product. In direct relation to the aforementioned, it is important to point out that the assumption that the purchase/use of a certain product will satisfy need/want is the crux of the expectancy theory and, in itself, contributes to the intensification of motivation. Proceeding from the above stated, it is important to clarify that there are different types and categories of need. This phenomenon is referred to as need hierarchy and has been fully explained by Maslow's theory of need. According to the aforementioned, people have different types of needs, some of which, such as the need to shelter, are more pressing than others, such as the need for recognition.